Client Testimonials

Tammira Miller, Treasurer Reynoldsburg City School District

Monday, February 27, 2012

We recently executed a very complicated re-financing and John's services were invaluable. His advice, guidance, and hard work helped ensure that the District received the best possible outcome. It was very reassuring to have someone with John's expertise as a partner in this process. (via Email message)

Sandy Harris, Treasurer Northmont City School Disitrict

Saturday, February 25, 2012

John Payne, our financial advisor, did an outstanding job preparing our financing team for our rating presentation to Moody's. The district had not issued debt since the late 1980s so we were starting fresh with an official statement and rating request. John's years of experience in ratings presentations and the financial market was instrumental in the district receiving an Aa2 rating with enhanced the rate on our sale of bonds. John and his assistant, Lorelei Roush, spent many hours assisting in the preparation of our official statement and guiding the direction of our presentation. Even though our five-year forecast included some negative balances in the later years and the economic outlook in the Dayton area was not extremely positive, John had the expertise to assist our team in a very positive presentation. Our district is very pleased with the results of working with John as a financial advisor and will definitely be using him for future building projects.

Linda Blum, Board President Northmont City School District

Friday, February 17, 2012

I do not know if you have met John B. Payne. He is a financial advisor whose home base is in Columbus. He is who Northmont has been working with and has done an incredible job. We went to Moody's to secure a debt rating and were so well prepared and had practiced under his direction. We had a stellar presentation and secured a Aa2 rating. Incredible with Wright Patterson Air Force Base being a major influence as well as the foreclosure rates in Montgomery County. There were many economic factors that could have worked against us that we had no control over. We were very prepared so we didn't highlight anything that could be problematice. Each of the 6 of us who went to Chicago, were passionate in our delivery and we had a clear understanding of how to work things to the district's advantage. As I am certainly aware, a Aa2 rating can save us approximately a million dollars ... It is not often that I would supply such a strong reference about someone I did not know extremely well. But, when we went to Cincinnati to watch our bonds being sold, he once again shined. He looked over the contract from our bond counsel and found a mistake in semantics that again saved us some dollars. I hope you will pass along my recommendation to the powers that be that might be interested. If I can give you any further information about John, please call. (via Email message)

David Belden, Board President Port Clinton City School District

Thursday, January 28, 2010

John, I wish I knew how many times we have said how glad we are that we added you to the team. Thank you for your counsel and leadership. They were instrumental in the outcome. I hope you are as pleased with the results as we are and I hope your association with Port Clinton Schools is one you always hold with pride. Let’s continue the successes in St. Louis when appropriate. (via Email message)

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